Choosing a Storage Facility

Published on 5/25/2016

Choosing a Storage Facility

Most people are most concerned with Cost and location. While these are both important there are many other things to look at. Some of these things include looking at the storage facility itself. Is it in good condition? is it run down? Does it feel like a safe place to store your belongings?  Is there a fence around the storage facility? How about lights? good lighting is key for storage facilities at night both to store your stuff as well as providing security. 

Apart from some of the physical amenities that you can look for in a storage facility there are other amenities that can make your self storage experience better. Some of these ideas include, having the ability to rent a storage unit online. This is nice if your schedule is tight and you would have a hard time meeting a manager down at the facility. Now days you can rent a storage unit space on the internet. Other amenities include  being able to pay with credit cards or ACH payments. Can you be set up on recurring billing? this is nice and prevents late fees. How about having your own login so that you can view your account statement and balance. 

Apart from everything mentioned, one of the best tools to help you choose a worthy storage unit is the internet. Times have changed and now a lot of the information that you need to make a wise decision is all available at your finger tips. No more calling 20 different storage facilities in the phone book and writing down all that they offer. 

Keep these tips and ideas in mind the next time your looking for a storage unit!